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We are finding it difficult to decide which songs you would like to hear through out the night- please put in requests below. We are also undecided on the song to play at midnight to kick in the New Year. The top requested song will be played - so pretty please put in your choices!

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Question 1 - What party tune would you like to dance too?

Full list of responses:
Tony Brown : Anything by Pete Andre ( Lee made me write this)
Rachel : Stevie Wonder - Superstition
claire : feel the love - rudimental
Jojo : The sound of screams
Shawn : Madness - House of fun
Layla : Gummy bear
Barnypok : Iuoa3L
Mark777 : soNTjU
JimmiXzSq : nEkdW3
JimmiXzSq : Q7pAW
JimmiXzSq : Mdj5U
GoldenTabs : GTQ1YK
GoldenTabs : armmzH
Kenneth McDowd : Bump and Grind
test : 1234
test : 1313123
error : the grammats
v : v
Hitler : Michael Jackson

Question 2 - What song shall we play at midnight?

Full list of responses:
Tony Brown : anything by Peter Andre, again Lee made me write this
Jojo : Go home, you drunks!
Shawn : Abba - Happy New Year
g : come on eileen